Project Management

LTS will provide a project manager to ensure a smooth installation.


LTS staff will install iLIMS on your GoDaddy server. We can help you choose the right server from the GoDaddy options after considering the size of your lab, your sample throughput and the number of locations you have.

Configuration Assistance

We start by working with you to understand your lab processes. This analysis will direct your iLIMS configurion. No programming is needed for the configuration process.


You might request changes that require us to do some programming. Most labs will need nothing more than a few reports customized. The standard iLIMS implementation includes a no cost customization of a core set of reports with your logo and color scheme. For a major customization we will provide a project plan that includes estimated, not-to-exceed costs. Customizations that enhance iLIMS may be provided at no or reduced cost.


After one year you have the option of upgrade and user support. We offer a number of support option choices for you..


We provide training so your lab personnel are comfortable with iLIMS by the time we go live. We have a professional trainer on staff to make sure that training sessions are focused and at the right level of complexity for the lab person we're training.

Data Migration

Every lab has data that can be moved to iLIMS, whether it's in an existing LIMS or in spreadsheets. We help you gather, move, and review the data once it's in iLIMS to ensure that it's correct. For most labs this consists of migrating your client information to iLIMS.

Testing Assistance

We will guide you through a testing process with iLIMS to make sure it works as expected.

Go-Live Planning Assistance and Support

Turning on iLIMS in production is called go-live and is often staged. We work with you on testing and training to discover any gotchas before we go live.

Note: All installation and support is provided by TTA Group, LLC an iLIMS-certified support vendor.