iLIMS Features
LTS iLIMS is full featured and flexible. Here some of the features you will use daily to save time in your lab. If you don't see something you're looking for please contact us. We can show you all features, even those that are not listed here. If a feature hasn't yet been added, we can work with you to add it.

Sample Preparation and Analysis

LTS iLIMS is configured out of the box to manage hundreds of tests for wet chemistry, metals, organics, microbiology, and food. And you can easily add new tests. All common matrices are supported in iLIMS.

iLIMS test characterisics allow:

  • User definable attributes unique to each test
  • Performing calculations such as dry weight correction
  • Enabling work queue management by department
  • Flagging and narrative comments
  • Identifying samples with client requested QC
  • Providing review checklists and validation reports
  • Managing electronic instrument logs
  • Uploading instrument data
  • Producing bench sheets

Quality Control

LTS iLIMS QC features templates that apply the right QC to every laboratory batch. The chemist chooses which template to apply to every new batch. MDLs and PQLs are configurable lab-wide or by client project. A variety of QC reports, including control charts, are available for laboratory and client use.

Bids and Projects

To help you manage bids and projects, LTS iLIMS:

  • Tracks bids
  • Converts winning bids to projects without additional data entry
  • Offers views of work received, work expected, work completed and work ready for billing
  • Supports turn-around time based pricing for each analysis
  • Allows project specific pricing
  • Supports work order or monthly invoicing
  • Can be customized to export data to your accounting system
  • Suspends report generation for clients on hold for non-payment
  • Supports client-defined analyte names for reporting
  • Allows multiple client offices and contacts
  • Manages project documents

Technical Requirements

LTS iLIMS is a web application built on the Microsoft framework. It requires the following:

  • Cloud server
  • Windows Server 2008
  • SQL Server 2008 (Standard for large laboratories or Express for smaller laboratories)
  • Internet Explorer 8 or later on laboratory PCs

Laboratory Management

By unifying laboratory data in LTS iLIMS, real time information regarding all processes is available at a management level. Management reports help forecast workloads from planned projects and bids.

Quality Assurance

LTS iLIMS enables automation for processes QA staff have traditionally done manually. The system manages documentation electronically:

  • Sample location
  • Standards logs
  • Internal chain of custody
  • Standard operating procedures
  • Corrective actions
  • Employee training documentation
  • Audit trails at a configurable level of detail

The system supports NELAP and other regulatory agency compliance by providing features such as disallowing the use of expired standards.


LTS iLIMS contains hundreds of report components that can be mixed and matched to produce full report packages in PDF format to meet the needs of most clients.

If out of the box reports don't meet the needs of your laboratory, the rich data available in LTS iLIMS can be used to create reports that do meet your needs.

Sample Management

To help you manage samples LTS iLIMS:

  • Provides login to meet both rigorous environmental projects and simpler projects
  • Tracks coolers and sample receipt condition
  • Uses barcodes to identify and track sample containers
  • Identifies special samples requiring special disposal, such as those with high PCB content
  • Enables USDA foreign soil handling
  • Provides optional internal chain of custody features