iLIMS Frequently Asked Questions
As your organization researches multiple LIMS providers, it is very important to find the answers to questions that may assist you in choosing Laucks iLIMS. We're available to answer any questions you might have about iLIMS. Contact us at Below are some commonly asked questions.

What internet browser is recommended?

Microsoft Internet Explorer 8 or higher. No other software needs to be installed on your computers.

How much training is required to get started?

Production personnel get up to speed with minimal training. Your system expert will benefit from more extensive training.

What kind of laboratory can benefit from iLIMS?

LTS iLIMS is designed to handle the rigorous and complex reporting needs of a full service environmental lab. Any laboratory can benefit from the productivity advantages of iLIMS.

Is iLIMS easy to use?

The browser-based user interface is simple to use and navigate. Users come up to speed with minimal training.

Do I need to send users to off-site training?

All training is provided via personalized online training sessions.

What are the per-seat license fees?

Licensing is by site, giving all your iLIMS users access without payment of additional fees.

Do I need to hire a full time LIMS administrator?

No full time administrator is needed.

How was iLIMS developed?

It was developed by Laucks Testing Laboratories, a 50+ person full service environmental laboratory and is now an application available to you.

Why is iLIMS so affordable?

Laucks' development costs are not being passed on to you. This enables LTS to price iLIMS so that even the smallest laboratory can have all the productivity advantages of a full featured LIMS.

Does iLIMS use module pricing?

No. The purchase price includes all iLIMS functionality.

Is the license fee a one-time cost?

Yes; Laucks Technical Services offers a one-time site license.

How are support services handled?

Support is provided by TTA Group, LLC.